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May 16, 2019

Rich and Doug focus on five must-haves to be a truly effective man.


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Oct 14, 2018

This Dougcast is a MUST for those who just got handed terrible news. If that's not you, please share it with people you know who are going through a very rough patch. 


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Sep 27, 2018

The Warriors & Wildmen Cure For DEPRESSION Is Something You'll NEVER Hear In Sunday School. Here's some hilarious and hard-hitting advice for those of us who're prone to get down in the dumps. Immensely practical, rock-solid and timely.

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Sep 20, 2018

Depressed? If you said, 'Yes', you're not alone. Lots of regular folks deal with it on a regular basis. Rich and Doug discuss how to beat it so that it doesn't beat you in this very informal, gloves off, bare-knuckle, Warriors & Wildmen


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Apr 6, 2018

Trials are coming. Don’t believe this bunkum that life’s to be trouble free if you’re a Christian. Sometimes it can get bad. Real bad. The question is, how do we roll with it when it rolls on top of us? Doug tackles this topic in this week’s bonus podcast. Enjoy.

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