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Apr 25, 2019

From the power, malice and skill of Satan--proceeds all the soul-killing plots, devices, stratagems and machinations, which are in the world. Several devices he has to draw souls to sin, and several plots he has to keep souls from all holy and heavenly services, and several stratagems he has to keep souls in a mourning,...

Jul 12, 2018

Rich and Doug plow the fallow ground of the listeners' soul in an attempt to sow greatness into this next generation of gum chewing slackers and it's pure gold. Enjoy.


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May 27, 2018

In this #DOUGCAST, Giles exhorts the passive, dull and indolent believer to become a bit more bellicose in regards to that which is holy, just and good. Brace yourself for this one.

Rules For Radical Christians is not a survival devotional designed to help the young Christian adult limp through life. Rather, it is a...

Jun 14, 2017

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Jun 1, 2017

Terrorists are making our planet a living hell. If you're a Christian, should you 'turn the other cheek' to these atrocities? Some say, 'Yes.' Others say, 'No.' Rich Witmer & Doug Giles deep dive this hot topic and their conclusions will make some happy and some ... eh, not so much. Enjoy our Warriors &...